Near City Hall, © 2013 Celia Her City

Summer simplicity

When temperatures soared into the 90s the other day, women kept it sensible when it came to clothing.

The dress has come back in a big way.  A number of women were wearing classy black summer dresses in cotton or linen, often more conservatively cut than this one (knee-length or just above the knee), mostly sleeveless or with cap sleeves.  Some had beautifully tailored necklines or waistlines; I even saw pleats.  Variations of the safari dress are also in, and splashes of color, like this wonderful green.

Flat sandals and ballerina flats continue to be the footwear of choice, for commuting at least.  Hair is simple, too.  Celia approves.

2 thoughts on “Summer simplicity

  1. I approve too. I love dresses and skirts and rarely wear pants. If you notice in my hiking photos, I hike in skorts except in winter. Are the 90s (temperature, not decade) an unusual thing?

    • The summer temperatures this year have actually been highly variable, with June being abnormally cool and rainy, and without the long stretches of 90+ days that have often characterized Chicago summers. (Last summer, for instance, was one of the hottest on record.)

      Residents and the media make a greater fuss than they used to about high heat, not just because of concerns about climate change, but because of a short but intense heat wave in the mid-1990s that killed some three-hundred Chicagoans (many of them elderly). There is just much more buzz around the highs than formerly.

      This probably had little to do with the fashion choices of these young ladies, though, who look both chic and comfortable–quite an achievement in 94 degrees.

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