West side fever, © 2013 Celia Her City

West Loop fever

Real estate in the West Loop is heating up, as many established and start-up tech firms move into the neighborhood. The area is also gaining traction among residential buyers.  Once something of a backwater, the West Loop is the site of many new building projects, including the condominium project seen here.

Google is moving its Chicago offices from their current River North location over to the West Loop, where it has leased 200,000 square feet of space.

If you like urban industrial, it’s hard to beat some of the West Loop views.


2 thoughts on “West Loop fever

  1. Yup, that west loop area has come a long way. I have been going to a wonderful restaurant named The Greek Islands, which of course is located in Greek Town, for years–since I was around 12-14 years old. Back then, even driving much past Wacker Dr was considered “far west loop” and it was “gritty.”………..I am amazed at the transformation of the neighborhood even blocks west of there now.

    • You’re so right. Even the Greek Islands itself used to be in the back of a kinda rundown grocery store. When we drove by there the other night, we noticed the foundations being laid for a big building right next to it, immediately to the east, on what for years has been a surface lot. . . . Let’s face it–many parts of Chicago quite near downtown have remained underdeveloped for decades. Look at the recent spate of development in Streeterville and the Platinum Coast. . .

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