The food trucks are coming

The Porkchop at Clark and Jackson, © 2013 Celia Her City

The city passed a law last year enabling more food trucks to operate on the streets.  The licensing requirements are daunting, but some enterprises have met the challenge, because more food trucks are beginning to appear.

Conventional restaurants naturally resisted this development, claiming that the trucks, having unfair advantages, would sap their trade.  The clientele for the two venues is different, though.  No one is going to head for a food truck if what they really want is a sit-down meal.  The trucks are a boon for office-bound workers or for others looking for a quick meal outside.

This Porkchop truck at Clark and Jackson is relatively new, I believe.  “BBQ – Whiskey – Open Late” its lettering proclaims.  Food trucks can stay open all night, so I suppose you could hunt up a meal here at 2 a.m.

For more on the food trucks, see Eater Chicago.

One thought on “The food trucks are coming

  1. Yes, I have read that getting the proper permits to operate a food truck is full of red tape……….I haven’t seen any yet but will keep my eyes peeled !…………Clark and Jackson—not far from the Italian Village restaurant !

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